eRepublik: Journey from Reality to Virtual World

Erepublik is an online strategy game. Players can choose a country and exercise their citizenship rights in the virtual world. The game includes an economy and political system that operates in real time.

To start the game, you need to register at . Registration is free and easy to complete. After registration, you can start the game.

There are many activities available in the game. These include options such as work, education, war, trade, company, party and newspaper.

Work allows players to get a job and earn money by working every day. By working in different sectors, you can gain skills specific to that sector. These skills can lead to higher wages and other benefits.

Training allows you to increase your military skills. These skills give you an advantage in battles by allowing you to deal more damage.

Combat allows players to participate in their country’s or allies’ wars and fight enemy countries. By dealing damage in battles you can earn medals and money.

Trade, there are two types of currency in the game: Gold and local currency. Gold is a more valuable and stable currency, while local currency varies from country to country and can fluctuate. You can make a profit by trading between currencies. There are also various goods available in the game. These are things like food, weapons, raw materials, buildings, etc. You can also buy, sell or produce these goods.

If you have enough capital, you can start and develop your own company. Depending on the sector of your company, you can produce different goods or provide services. You can earn income from your company or sell it to other players.

Party, there are also political parties in the game. You can become a member of these parties or create your own party. Parties can elect MPs or run for president. Parties can play a role in wars or legislation.

You can also start your own newspaper in the game and write articles. Players who subscribe to your newspaper provide you with income. With your articles you can comment on what is happening in the game, share your opinions or propagandize.

eRepublik is a unique game that allows players to experience many things that they cannot experience in real life. Using your economic, political and military strategies, you can establish yourself as a major player on the world stage. Also, since the eRepublik community is very active, you can meet many people and make friends in the game.


It is a web-based and free game that can be played without high system requirements.
It features real countries and political situations, giving players different options, such as ruling a country, engaging in trade or war.
It functions as a social media platform, allowing players to do interactive activities such as making friends, writing newspapers, organizing parties, etc.


The game is difficult to learn and get used to, and beginners need guidance and help.
Some parts of the game are monotonous and boring, e.g. repetition of daily routines such as working, training, war, etc.
Some parts of the game are unbalanced and unfair, e.g. some countries are more powerful and richer than others, some players take advantage by buying in-game money or gold.

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